You’d Like to Be A BuzzFeed Post Vol.2 – Kiss Me Once is Released TODAY!

by Nate

Kylie’s 12th studio album is released TODAY!! Obviously for Kylie I don’t mind not writing long-form.
Here’s the first post I did on BuzzFeed leading up to this point, titled “Kylie Shows Up Unexpectedly, Even At Your Loo!”

Kylie Minogue likes to show up unexpectedly this year, first at OLD BLUE LAST, then in a GYM to Surprise a fan, now she is in your loo!

1. She was at the Old Blue Last to Perform her single INTO THE BLUE, which sounds like INTO THE LOO when she sings it.

Photo by / Via

2. She performed INTO THE BLUE in a gym to surprise a fan ADAM.

Everyone else got out of her way!

3. She can’t stop showing up unexpectedly now, tells band member “Into the loo”


4. Tells policeman “into the loo”


5. Tells dog “into the loo”


6. Tells Soldier “Into the loo” / Via

7. Tells cyclist “into the loo”


8. Tells the Asian community “into the loo” / Via

9. Even herself / Via

10. OMG Kylie returns with “Kiss Me Once” !!

I need the loo but can’t go till i’ve finished hearing every track!

Kiss Me Once, Kylie’s 12th Studio Album Is Released TODAY! Photo by

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